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What are we about? This organisation has been set up to promote good working practices by the various enterprises which offer haunted or 'ghost tours' in Great Britain.
Only those companies which offer outstanding service coupled with an intimate knowledge of their subject are awarded the converted badge of the ASTC.

What are the requirements?

There are a number of factors that have to be taken in to account before a badge can be awarded. The process differs from company to company as each has different operating procedures. The final decision is dependent on one of the ASTC members discreetly taking part in a tour and experiencing first hand the nature of the excursion.

Points that are noted:

  • Clarity of guide; their vocal skills, their ability to convey the stories and tales to an audience.
  • The style of the tour, with reference to the layout, scope and length. This also includes accessibility and disabled access to various sites where applicable.
  • Whether it is fun! Did the people attending enjoy their time and was it good value for money? Does this tour excel in its own distinctive way?
How does a Supernatural Tour Company apply?

By applying to the ASTC via the e-mail address above and submitting a brief description of their tours and company portfolio.

A representative from the ASTC will then be in contact

Latest Supernatural Tour Company to be added is Winchester Tours. Click on picture (right) to visit their website.


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